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☆護髮洗髮精 Treatment Shampoo 250ml

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海外發送專用商品介紹 Product description: ◆護髮洗髮精 Treatment Shampoo 250ml ★變成可以直接使用的袋裝型。您可以重新填充或按原樣使用。 It becomes a bag type that can be used directly.You can refill it or use it as is. ※短髮使用約二個月 / It can be used for 2 month for short hair 27 種日本國產漢方植物 +添加新櫻花提取物+ 2 種美容保濕成分(高麗人蔘、昆布) 27kinds of oriental herb extraction, made in Japan+Contains Someiyoshino (cherry blossom) extract. 2 kinds of essence(Asian ginseng, kelp) 此商品為非矽護髮弱酸性洗髮產品。有著護髮與洗髮的二合一功效。 為了使毛髮光滑柔順,精心挑選日本國產漢方植物,搭配高麗人蔘萃取精華。透過天然植物所提取的豐富精華液與貓足昆布精華(褐藻精華)的配合,深入滋潤頭皮及毛髮,由內而外散發柔順光澤。 Provides moisture to your scalp and hair, and maintains healthiness. This one bottle also contains hair treatment. Non-silicone type. ▣ 使用方法 ▣ 1.使用前,先沖洗頭皮與毛髮(建議1分鐘左右),讓頭髮充分濕潤。 2.取適量份量於手掌心,加水稀釋,雙手揉出泡沫後,均勻塗抹於髮絲上。 3.以指腹輕輕按摩方式清洗頭皮,洗淨後,以溫水充分沖洗。 ▣ How to use ▣ first soal your scalp and hair with water enough to wash off the excess dirt on your hair. this is the one point advice to prevent hair damage and wash the entire scalp. wash your scalp like massaging, then after washing. fully rinse the shampoo off.

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