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☆橄欖精華油 Olive squalane 25ml

5,500 JPY

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海外發送專用商品介紹 Product description: ◆橄欖精華油 Olive squalane 25ml (for 2 months) *限量產品:每人最多 2 套 * Limited product: Up to2items per person 這是一種植物油之精華,它非常珍貴,果實裡只含0.1%~0.7%的成分。人體皮脂本身也含有大約5%~10%左右,因此橄欖精華油具有良好的滲透力。保持水分,防止乾燥,有效修復皮脂的平衡。可配合按摩促進血液循環。 100% botanical olive squalane, which moisturize the skin for a long time and prevents dry skin. Applicable to delicate skin, since the oil is very much alike to the oil contained in human skin. ▣ 使用方法 ▣ 1.以適量(1~2滴)。取在手掌心上。 2.輕輕均勻柔擦至臉部即可。 ▣ How to use ▣ After face wash, spread to the concerned area. Applicable to your hand, foot, hair, or anywhere around your body. Able to use as a scalp massage. Using to your hands, elbow, or heel makes the skin soft. ◎貼心小說明 1.夏季使用時,喜愛清爽感的朋友,可在洗顏清潔後,保持臉部濕的狀態下使用。 2.本商品為純天然橄欖油,因此不僅臉部可使用,也可當作身體保養油及護髮油使用唷。

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