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☆卸妝油 Cleansing Oil 150ml

3,400 JPY

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海外發送專用商品介紹 Product description: ◆卸妝油 Cleansing Oil 150ml 薰衣草香/ Lavender fragrant 27 種日本國產漢方植物 +添加新櫻花提取物 ※櫻花提取物為抑制黑色素生成,明亮膚色,溫和防止肌膚受壓造成的粗糙+ 8種植物精華油 米糠油、澳洲堅果油、荷荷巴油、橄欖油、摩洛哥堅果油、玫瑰果油、山茶花油、杏仁油 27kinds of oriental herb extraction, made in Japan++Contains Someiyoshino (cherry blossom) extract. ※Sakura extract inhibits melanin production, brightens skin tone, and gently prevents rough skin caused by stress. +8 kinds of natural plant oil(Rice bran oil, Macadamia nut oil, Jojoba oil, Olive squalane oil, Argane oil, Rosehip oil, Camellia oil, Apricot kernel oil) 日本國產27種漢方植物萃取物搭配8種植物油,如美容液般的精華卸妝油。平衡肌膚油質及整肌、保濕功效。 溫和卸除妝容與污垢,守護肌膚滋潤,不造成肌膚負擔。使用時帶有薰衣草清香。 Serum like make-up remover, containing 8 kinds of natural plant oil blended to an oriental herb. Removes make-ups and dirts from pores and skin texture without damaging your skin. Faint fragrance of lavender. ▣ 使用方法 ▣ 在手部和臉部乾的狀態下使用。輕輕按摩效果更加。 1.臉部及雙手保持乾燥的狀態下,取2次按壓的份量於手掌心。 2.輕輕塗抹於面部,以指腹畫圓的方式按摩肌膚,徹底溶解彩妝與汙垢。 3.溶解之後,沾取微量的水,將卸妝油乳化變白,輕輕按摩約20秒。 4.按摩完畢後以清水(建議溫水)沖洗乾淨。 ▣ How to use ▣ Have your hands and face dry. Take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand. Mix the oil thoroughly and evenly with your make-up. Rinse off the oil with warm water

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