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☆修復乳 Recovery Gel Cream 120g

10,000 JPY

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海外發送專用商品介紹 Product description: ※註:此產品有大小2種。※ This product have two sizes. ◆修復乳 Recovery Gel Cream 120g ☆只有現在!我們贈送一把立式抹刀(用於凝膠霜)。 Only now! We are giving away a stand spatula (for gel cream). 日本國產27 種漢方植物 +添加新櫻花提取物 ※櫻花提取物為抑制黑色素生成,明亮膚色,溫和防止肌膚受壓造成的粗糙+3種美容保濕成分(昆布、珍珠粉、秋葵) 27kinds of oriental herb extraction, made in Japan. +Contains Someiyoshino (cherry blossom) extract. ※Sakura extract inhibits melanin production, brightens skin tone, and gently prevents rough skin caused by stress. 3 kinds of essence(kelp, Pearl, Okra) 「化妝水」和「乳液」二合一之凝膠乳霜。漢方植物萃取物及天然保濕美容成分,防止肌膚乾燥、補充水分、維持水潤光澤膚質。於局部(眼角及嘴角周圍)部位厚重塗抹,可均勻肌膚紋理。 Moisturizing gel cream containing both lotion and milky lotion. Moisture derived from oriental herb extraction and natural ingredients. Beauty ingredients prevents rough skin and supplies oil and moisture. Makes your skin young and fresh. Provides firmness applying over around your eyes and mouth. ▣ 使用方法 ▣ 1.洗顏清潔後,取珍珠顆粒大小分量於手掌心。 2.以雙手包覆整個臉部方式,將乳液均勻塗抹,使肌膚滲透吸收。 ▣ How to use ▣ After face Apply the cream to the entire face by gently pressing down with both of your hands. Overlaying the cream to the dried part of your skin is also effective. ◎貼心小說明 1.早晚潔顏後都可使用。 2.夜晚可針對臉部容易脫皮部分,厚敷加強保濕。

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