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<銷售即將結束>橘子蜂蜜護唇膏 Honey Mikan(satsuma orange) lip balm

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銷售即將結束。存貨有限,售完請見諒。 Sales will end soon. Stock is limited, so please forgive us when it is sold out. 海外發送專用商品介紹 Product description: ◆橘子蜂蜜護唇膏 Honey satsuma (orange) lip balm 不使用合成香料 Free from synthetic fragrances 27 種日本國產漢方植物 + 8種植物油 + 2種美容保濕成分(石榴果實萃取、蜂蜜) 27kinds of oriental herb extraction, made in Japan + 8 kinds of vegetable oil + 2 kinds of ingredients (pomegranate essence, Honey) ・橘子蜂蜜|Honey Mikan(orange) 日本天然植物搭配橘子蜂蜜成分,增強保濕力,防止唇部及肌膚乾燥。天然橘子香氣,不刺鼻。 美容保濕成分,讓 唇部保持柔軟彈性,不油膩,輕巧包裝,方便攜帶且容易使用。 只要使用時,紓緩疲勞同時潤唇。 Made from plant extracts, satsuma(orange)and honey to make lip prevent dry and keep moisturizing. pomegranate essence and honey are the ideal natural moisturizer. Honey extract helps moisturizer, soften and sweeten. When every time you use it, you can relieve stress and moisturize lip at the same time.

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