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按摩霜 Massage Cream &修復乳 Recovery Gel Cream ( large set)

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海外發送專用商品介紹 Product description: ◆套裝組合 Combination set ・按摩霜 Massage Cream 300g ・修復乳 Recovery Gel Cream120g *限量產品:每人最多 2 套 * Limited product: Up to2items per person 按摩霜|日本國產27 種漢方植物+4 種美容保濕成分 細緻的海鹽將肌膚老廢角質、污垢去除,使肌膚光滑細緻。 充滿保濕美容成分的漢方植物及褐藻萃取精華,賦予肌膚柔軟、彈性與光澤。 按摩霜含有薄荷的清香味與清涼感,使用時更加舒適清爽。 Massage cream |27 kinds of oriental herb extraction + 4 essence Fine-grained salt exfoliates the old skin, smoothing your skin. Also softens your skin, and oriental herb extraction provides moisture, tightness and firmness. Cream pleasant for the scent and refreshing feeling from peppermint. Clarity, Tightens the pore, Soften the skin, Provides firmness and glow to the skin. 修復乳|日本國產27 種漢方植物+3 種美容保濕成分 「化妝水」和「乳液」二合一之凝膠乳霜產品,美容與保濕成分極為豐富。 全天然美容成分,使肌膚充分保濕和緊緻彈力;自然溫和成分加強肌膚自我修復,締造健康且水嫩光滑的美肌。 Recovery gel cream|27 kinds of oriental herb extraction + 3 essence Moisturizing gel cream containing both lotion and milky lotion. Moisture derived from oriental herb extraction and natural ingredients. Beauty ingredients prevents rough skin and supplies oil and moisture. Makes your skin young and fresh. Provides firmness applying over around your eyes and mouth.

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