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修復乳 Recovery Gel Cream 120g &橄欖精華油 Olive squalane 25ml

15,500 JPY

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海外發送專用商品介紹 Product description: ◆套裝組合 Combination Set (原價 ¥15,500 ) ・修復乳 Recovery Gel Cream 120g x1 ・橄欖精華油 Olive squalane 25ml (for 2 months) 修復乳|日本國產27 種漢方植物+3 種美容保濕成分 「化妝水」和「乳液」二合一之凝膠乳霜產品,美容與保濕成分極為豐富。 全天然美容成分,使肌膚充分保濕和緊緻彈力;自然溫和成分加強肌膚自我修復,締造健康且水嫩光滑的美肌。 Recovery gel cream|27 kinds of oriental herb extraction + 3 essence Moisturizing gel cream containing both lotion and milky lotion. Moisture derived from oriental herb extraction and natural ingredients. Beauty ingredients prevents rough skin and supplies oil and moisture. Makes your skin young and fresh. Provides firmness applying over around your eyes and mouth. 橄欖精華油 | Olive squalane 25ml (for 2 months) 這是一種植物油之精華,它非常珍貴,果實裡只含0.1%~0.7%的成分。人體皮脂本身也含有大約5%~10%左右,因此橄欖精華油具有良好的滲透力。保持水分,防止乾燥,有效修復皮脂的平衡。可配合按摩促進血液循環。 100% botanical olive squalane, which moisturize the skin for a long time and prevents dry skin. Applicable to delicate skin, since the oil is very much alike to the oil contained in human skin. ▣ 使用方法 ▣ 1.以適量(1~2滴)。取在手掌心上。 2.輕輕均勻柔擦至臉部即可。 ▣ How to use ▣ After face wash, spread to the concerned area. Applicable to your hand, foot, hair, or anywhere around your body. Able to use as a scalp massage. Using to your hands, elbow, or heel makes the skin soft.

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