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基礎護膚4樣套裝(小) Basic Skin Care 4 Sets (small set)

18,700 JPY

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海外發送專用商品介紹 Product description: ◆套裝組合 Combination set ・卸妝油 Cleansing Oil 150ml x1 ・天然洗面皂Natural Soap 80g x1 ・按摩霜 Massage Cream 120g x1 ・修復乳 Recovery Gel Cream 60g x1 贈 |修復乳 10g、1日試用包3入 Gift| gel cream 10g, trial pack*3 STEP 1 卸妝|Removing make-up 卸妝油 Cleansing oil 在臉部和手部乾的狀態下,取適量卸妝油倒在掌心。 將卸妝油均勻抹開,充分融合彩妝後。以溫水沖洗。 Have your hands and face dry. Take an appropriate amount the palm of your hand. Mix the oil thoroughly and evenly with your make-up. STEP 2  洗顔| Face-wash 天然洗面皂 Natural soap 以手或起泡網搓出泡沫,將泡沫均勻融合到臉部,輕輕清洗。以溫水沖洗。 Gently whip the soap, spread it on the entire soap and rinse it off with warm water. STEP 3 清潔按摩|Massage 按摩霜 Massage cream 1.洗顏後,將臉部及手部沾濕的狀態下,取出櫻桃顆粒大小放至手掌心。 2.在臉部均勻塗抹開後,以緩慢的動作用手掌輕清按摩 3.最後再用溫水輕輕沖洗即可 1.Having your hands and face wet, take an amount size of a cherry. 2.Spread the cream and gently massage the entire face ,avoiding your eyes. 3.Rinse off the cream with warm water. STEP 4 保濕|Moisturizing 修復乳 Recovery gel cream 洗顏清潔肌膚後,取出約珍珠顆粒大小的分量在掌心 用雙手以包覆臉部的方式,將乳液均勻塗抹,慢慢讓肌膚肌收。 乾燥的部分,可重複塗抹。 Apply the cream to the entire face by gently pressing down with both of by gently pressing down with both of your hands. Overlaying the cream to the dried part of your skin is also effective.

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