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防曬蜜粉 UV Powder 14g

3,500 JPY

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海外發送專用商品介紹 Product description: ◆防曬蜜粉 UV Powder 14g 27 種日本國產漢方植物 + 2 種美容成分(牡丹、東菩提花樹) 27kinds of oriental herb extraction, made in Japan 2 kinds of essence(Peony extract, Cork tree bark extraction) 防禦紫外線同時溫和肌膚,質地輕盈細緻的自然淺膚色可均勻肌膚紋理(*不含合成紫外線吸收劑的防曬品) A powder which smooth the skin with a natural color, conceals the pores, and protects your skin from UV rays.(Chemical ingredients not included.) ▣ 使用方法 ▣ 1.早上潔面保濕護理之後,用粉撲含取適量蜜粉。 2.以按壓方式塗抹並融合到肌膚。稍微多取些量在粉撲,如在手背上將蜜粉均勻鋪開後,塗抹於面部,可避免卡粉現象。 ▣ How to use ▣ Use after UV base cream, include the powder firmly in the puff and let it fit on your skin to hold it down. ◎貼心小說明 / Advice 脖子及手臂,前胸等.身體部位也便於使用。 洗面皂即可輕鬆卸除, You can also use it for the body such as the neck and arm.

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